Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Lake Los Carneros

Sometimes I feel like being a stay at home mom requires me to be a constant cruise director. Thankfully, I have a great older sister who likes to plan things and organize. Hence, my job as cruise director requires less work when we all get together. Big sis plans many activities for us and our little foursome of kiddos. That said, I love when I come up with a an idea of something we haven't done yet. It is BIG! We have done the zoo, the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum, and most of the parks in Santa Barbara over and over. It does get tiring to think of new things to do. 

I did it today, though. Hiking with all of our little munchkins around Lake Los Carneros.

The only bummer of the day, Gus got in the car and started complaining about how tired he was and that I was a mean mom because I made him hike. Fast forward an hour and he is still grumpy...AND sick. Fever. Poor boy. The grumpy behavior explained.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Dad's Ride

Basketball Tournament

J and I like to move as a family unit...six people going to everything. That plan used to work out great, but two kids in time demanding sports + plus two little people who don't like to sit on bleachers means that we are splitting up for various activities. This weekend was my turn to drive Vera to Ventura for a basketball tournament. 

Walking into the first gym made me so glad that Pearl and Gus were safe at home. Parents/fans sat above the court looking down with only a metal railing to hold you in. Literally, everyone sat on the ground at the railing so that you could see both baskets. It made my stomach turn a little bit...not as good with heights as I used to be. 

Vera was thrilled when out to lunch with the team she realized that there was free soft serve ice cream for everyone. Score!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Vera: Check Up - 10!


Height - 5'2" (99%)
Weight - 96lb 9.6 oz (87%)

Vera sailed through her appointment and discovered that she had a double ear infection. Yikes! No ear pain was happening, but glad this appointment happened when it did. 

  • Reading, knitting, and baking/cooking are favorite activities
  • Mars and Nix, our sweet brother and sister cats 
  • Basketball - 1st year playing for the Dream Chasers
  • Loves to wear a watch
  • Her week at Nonni and Nonno's house during the summer
  • Studying The California Gold Rush in school

  • Being interrupted while she is reading!
  • She dislikes the fact that she has very little private space in our house, and other siblings touch her things constantly
  • Getting ready for bed in a timely manner
  • Having her braces tightened
  • Being told what to do and when to do it

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mother's Day Present

I can't believe I almost forgot to post a picture of Keller's amazing Mother's Day present. A flower with a bee on it, a turtle, and swirly designs...my kid put so much effort and time into his gift. It is amazing. 


Mother's Day

Mother's Day was exactly what it needed to be, calm and mellow with not too much to get done. At times are family runs, runs, runs from one event or game to the next. Mother's Day Weekend was one in a million with only one t-ball game on the schedule. On Sunday, our first stop was creating art on the Santa Barbara Art Museum stairs. It was a clay project and I managed to not take a single photo. 

Then, it was off to the library where Pearl randomly pulled this book off the shelf:

A picture with all 4 of my kids = priceless!

One of Vera's projects for the day was balloons inscribed with sweet messages for this mama. It was a good day.