Friday, December 12, 2014


 Oh my, he might be my handful. 

Well, it seems that this kid is going to take after his Tata..and enjoy sticking things up his nose. For Tata, it was a raisin. It was funny enough that I had to take a picture, but then when I was trying to get it out with tweezers, a little anxiety about how high that Joe's O could go. Turns out I didn't need to tweezer at all, just plugged up one nostril and had him blow out the other. 

Darn it though, how many conversations does this kid need about safety?

Friday, December 5, 2014

Frosty the Snowman

Vera's Girl Scout Troop participated in the Santa Barbara Downtown Holiday Parade. Each troop was responsible for coming up with their own costumes and I have to say one of our moms rocked it. Ms. Jamie must have been Pinterest inspired, because the Frosty the Snowman outfits are adorable. 

Had to get a mama picture!

Thursday, December 4, 2014


I love that Vera decided to be a pirate instead of a princess at a recent costume party. She is awesome! The mustache just completed the entire look. Thanks sis for the photo!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Livermore Gathering

Marin Headlands

From the National Recreation Area website, "Welcome to the Marin Headlands! One of the most unique areas in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, the Marin Headlands covers various types of histories from the Miwok Indians to the Military, including historic Fort Barry and Fort Cronkhite, the NIKE Missile site and the 150 year-old Point Bonita lighthouse."

The views were incredible.  

Vera spent the day taking notes and wanting her picture at different sites. She is determined to start blogging. 

Not kidding, this is where Vera's notes were dropped and the wind blew them straight off the cliff. About 10 minutes later a very nice and young guy brought Vera back her notes. He and his friends were exploring off the beaten path...aka, off the side of the cliff. Thanks for the notes young man, now please be safe and stop climbing over the safety railing. Seriously.

Still, she was thrilled that all of her hard work had not been in vain. 

So interesting. 

Bay Area Model

The Bay Model is a working hydraulic model that is used to judge the effects of water flow in and out of the Bay. I mean a huge model, the size of two football fields put together. Today, all of this is completed with computers. 

Uhmm...Gus was perplexed by the phone. He has never seen one with a cord. 

We were glad to have Opa along as our tour guide. I guess that he took me here as a kiddo (I have no recollection, whoops).

Of interest to all of us was a mini-WWII museum. The museum pertained to the City of Marin's efforts as a shipbuilding hub during the war. 

Opa and I were amazed at these detailed artwork that was painted on to the front of the ships for when they were christened with their names. Then, those paintings were covered with grey paint for battle. 

This is an awesome picture!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sweet Teammates

The matching shirts are from Vera's coach. Very cute idea to honor the season. Yay Teal Toucans!