Monday, March 30, 2015


A little brother of Vera's friend is totally being drafted as a buddy for my kids. Gus and Pearl will woo him until all he thinks about is hanging out with the our kiddos.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Painted Cabernet

J's first time at Painted Cabernet and a reunion for Vera's soccer team...a reunion for the parents. ;) We all really liked each other! Can you tell that J and I made our paintings match-ish?

Sequoia - Part 5: Random

 Keller was happy to show off both our room and his game of Risk.

The weather was ideal for this vacation. Cold enough that the kids got to sled, but warm enough that we weren't freezing all the time. A bit more snow would have been awesome too, but playing basketball while have a snowball fight is good times. 

Family hike!

At one point during the hike, Keller ditched us for the lodge. J offered to keep the two little ones throwing rocks in the lake. This meant that Vera and I got to actually hike while taking pictures. It was breathtaking. 

We made it to the three bears for photos. 

Keller was the friend maker of the trip. He played with kids that were at the lodge with their families, he played with the 5th graders that were there on a school trip, and he even managed to get his big sis involved in a game of Risk. If you couldn't tell, Risk was THE game this trip. 

Sequoia - Part 4: General Sherman

The Sequoias are amazing and beautiful. It is easy to see how settlers arriving in California were in awe of these massive trees. 

Sherman has a large branch that is basically a second tree coming off of it. 

I think we took more photos of the 6 of us on this trip than in the last year combined. 

Sequioa - Part 3: Moro Rock

365 steps to the top of Moro Rock. For a brief amount of time (10 minutes), J and I thought that we would climb it as a family. Uhmm...that was before this mama realized that the railings were not adequate for toddlers, there were way too many drop-offs, and I had a mini-panic attack (along with Vera). It was not the shining moment of the trip. The kids and I made it up 150 steps before they refused to go any further and I full on was done and scared. Kiddos and I sat in a little bench area while J completed the climb for the family. I might have still yelled at him a bit when he got back to us that he had taken too long. Whoops. 

Yep, there is J on the top of Moro Rock. You go honey, just stay away from the edge please. Also, note to everyone, I may have a fear of heights. 

Sequoia - Part 2: Snow Fun!

Sequioa - Part 1: The Drive

I really, really wanted to see Kevin Costner pull up next to us. Our lunch stop was in McFarland!

Are we from Santa Barbara or what? We stop at the first snow what we see and Keller immediately takes off his shoes. Really Dude?!?

Happy camper when she realizes that there will be snow on the ground during our vacation.