Monday, August 25, 2014

Yuba Feather Museum

 From The Sierra Nevada Geotourism MapGuide:

The Yuba Feather Museum and Gold Trader Flat is an unique indoor / outdoor museum dedicated to preserving the history of eastern Butte, northern Yuba and Plumas Counties.  
Exhibits cover the Maidu people, mountain men and early settlers, Chinese immigrants, gold mining, the timber industry. giant saw blades and timber industry tools, Maidu and Chinese artifacts, mining equipment, early skies and snowshoes for humans and horses that shaped the local culture.  
Gold Trader Flat is a replica of an 1870s gold mining town with school house, chapel, hotel, saloon, miner's cabin, sheriff's office and jail, Wells Fargo office, pioneer homestead, mercantile, dressmaker's shop and millinery, and mine adit.  The Museum houses an extensive collection of old photos, primary documents of the period, and genealogical resources.  Docents are on hand to provide local color and answer questions.

As we were driving to our destination I did a quick read up on Yuba Feather Museum. It sounded so cool until it mentioned that it is open only on the weekends. We were driving there on Monday. Whoops. Fast forward to arriving there, because we decided to check it out no matter what. The door was open! I walked in saying, "Hello, hello! Anyone in here?" They were, for a work day, and were super nice to give us a private tour of their museum. It helped that my kids were interested and asked great questions. It was a proud parent moment.

The saw/logging room was particularly interesting to Keller.


Once you walked outside to the town, there was lots to see including the barber where you can have those pesky bullets removed 3 for a $1.

Please, please don't let this be a hint of our future.

It reminded me a bit of Old Sacramento, with less tourism.

Getting taller!

A bonnet for $8, this is my kind of museum. So flippin' cute.

Lake Fun

A 15 minute drive (because of some very, very bumpy and unpaved roads) from "our" cabin led us to the amazing Lost Creek Reservoir. Isolated and beautiful, it is amazing. My anxiety reared its ugly head, which means that all kiddos wore life vests, even those that can swim.

Even those that didn't go in the water had to wear their vests. 

Brrrr! It was refreshing! I made it 10 minutes before the kids talk of lake monsters forced this mama back to shore. Seriously, who talks about freshwater crocs while in a lake. ;)

J and the kids swam across the lake! Crazy, crazy, crazy!!


It might be my new favorite photo of Vera. 


Not only was there and amazing lake, surrounding the area are wild blackberry bushes. Yummy!

The big kiddos and J checking out the dam. 

Cabin Adventure

Our summer plans were a bit up in the air this year. Three weeks ago, we had plans to travel to Arizona, but due to an illness in the family we were to visit...those plans got canceled. One of J's friends from high school (and his wife :) own a cabin in Northern California that they have amazingly offered up for friends to use. I gave them a quick call and we were set for a vacation. The only tricky part for us was that the cabin was a 7.5 hour drive without stops. That means that it took us over 8.5 hours to get there since we had to stop every hour on the hour for at least one of our children to go pee. Seriously, after the third hour of driving and our third stop, J was losing it. The kids were losing it. Gus kept shouting in a shrill voice that he wanted to be at home sleeping. Thankfully, J got control of himself and finished the drive while everyone slept. We arrived at our destination at midnight!

Needless to say, it was worth the drive. I wish my pictures did the scene and our experience justice. The cabin is this magical place that our friend Mrs. M has fixed up. In the kids room there are 6 beds all outfitted with different themes. Keller slept in the Star Wars bed, Vera chose the fun tween looking full bed, and Gus slept in a girl themed one (he wanted to sleep next to Keller).

Keller was especially thrilled that we were in gold mining country. He did think that there were going to be nuggets sitting on the ground...we had to let him down gently. 

It didn't stop him from trying on our creek walk. 

I played around with my camera a bit on manual. 

Not kidding, this is their backyard. So, so beautiful. 

Arts and craft time. 

They have a teepee!

Our first dinner at the cabin on Saturday night. 


Monday, August 11, 2014

Gus Turns 3!

Gus turned 3 this Saturday and we celebrated with a pirate themed party. 

I am especially proud of my balloon and crepe paper decorations. 

Truth, I planned very few games or activities, just expecting the kiddos to play outside on the cars and run around crazy style. The Shoot the Fish idea was a last minute throw together once TaTa mentioned that she was giving Gus 12 water guns for his birthday. It was necessity, aim your water pistol at these huge pieces of paper instead of at adults, the food table, or babies' faces. 

Surprisingly, quite a few octopus dogs were put in the fridge at the end of the party.  Maybe people don't like their hot dogs to have faces? ;)

The second activity! I did warn everyone to wear old clothes. 

I love when adults get in on the games. 

Whoops! I guess we weren't paying enough attention to PJ. At least the paint is non-toxic and I cleaned her up right after taking this photo. 


It is going to be tradition that the birthday kid gets a photo with mom and dad.