Sunday, November 23, 2014

Lizard's Mouth + Keller's First Boy Scout Activity

As usual, I am all out of order when it comes to my blog posts. This little adventure took place before Pearl's fall. See, you would have thought that The Dude would have been the first one with stitches. Nope, he is pretty steady on his feet. 

J and Keller headed out on a Sunday morning to hike Lizard's Mouth, which is located right up the hill from us. Seriously, pretty awesome, I can't believe that we are still finding new things to do in Santa Barbara. It was a Boy Scout activity, so there was a crew of dads and boys all scurrying around the mountainside.

See the lizard's mouth getting ready to eat a bug. Keller declared that it looked more frog than lizard. 

Boy Scouts is suiting our Dude. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

First Mazzetta Stitches

You know, I really thought that I would be writing this post about one of my boys. Nope, Pearly Girl is our first baby who has needed stitches. We were at The Natural History Museum and she was climbing up and over tree stumps. Just an fyi, it is impossible to keep this girl on the ground. She is a monkey. Anyway, she went up on a stump, fell off, and hit something. I think it was a part of a log, but it might have been a rock on the ground. The fall was only about a foot and a half. Yikes though, I learned several important things:

1. Faces bleed a lot. 
2. If you are going to lacerate your face, the eyebrow is a good place to do it.  
3. Pearl Girl is one tough baby.

Thankfully, a friend of  my sisters was passing by and is a nurse. She staunched the flow with a diaper (multiple uses) and put a call into the ER that we were on our way. Also, a HUGE thank you to my sis who took Gus for an entire afternoon. It would have been impossible to have him in the ER with us.

She had already been stitched at this point and was coming off the medication that made her sleep. 

And, pretty darn happy by late that afternoon. Children are very resilient. This mama, not so much. I was shaky and a bit drained the rest of the day. 

  Did you know, big band-aids are a new fashion look.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Nonni and Nonno

A cute shot of the Nonni and Nonno with absolute kid chaos happening behind them. ;)

Story Time of these kiddos isn't quite as enthralled with story time.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Pearl Girl Turns 1!

A little breakfast buffet to celebrate our little peanut. 

This was her face as we sang to her...what are these crazy people doing???

Nom, nom, nom, nom!

2nd round of dessert. Pearl was a cranky baby and headed to bed before we could sing a second time. So, we ate her cake for her. 

One More...

...I need to document that I did, in fact, dress up this Halloween!!