Monday, July 2, 2018

Even a slightly overcast day on the beach is a good day. 

Our Snuggle Butt

He really is the best cat. 

Sunday, July 1, 2018

San Diego = Friend Time

After all the wedding activities were over we got to hang with Serina! Fun lunch and many, many pictures on a bicycle statue later...we were all caught up. 

Tyler and Alex Wedding - Part II

Height/Weight Notes

I want to keep track of the kids as they grew and I have done a rotten job of it.

Gus: 5-year-appointment
Height - 3' 9.75" (85%)
Weight - 44lb (61%)

Keller: 8-year-apointment
Height - 4' 11.25" (>99%)
Weight - 74lb 3.2oz (89%)

Vera: 11-year-apointment
Height - 5' 5.5" (>99%)

Vera: 12-year-appointment
Height - 5' 8.25" (>99%)

August: 6-year-appointment
Height - 4" .25" (76%)
Weight - 48lb 12.8oz (52%)

Tyler and Alex Wedding

Tyler and Alex's Wedding Weekend started with dinner at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in San Diego.

We clean up well.

Gus with the groom.

Cousin time!

There is constant debate as to whether or not Vera is taller than Nonni. 

KiKi and Leo

Dance Recital - Little Frog and a Bluebird

Dance recitals are a whole new world for this family. Thankful for family that could come cheer these two on. Pearl after the event let me know that she would appreciate a bouquet of flowers next time. Diva. 

First performance for Gus, I think he is hooked. Very sweet to see him leaping about onstage. Turns out I should have bought him dance shoes...the Crocs just didn't cut it (I thought he was going to go barefoot).