Sunday, April 17, 2016


Vera, by this point, has had a lot of dental work done. She had a palate spreader, head gear, and retainer. The mold on the left is how her teeth started, the mold on the right is where they are today. The last step is happening...braces! Having never had them, I am failing miserably at being a supportive parent. As Jason like to claim, I just don't get it. There is no envy on my part. 

18-months to 2-years! As I am writing this, she has been wearing them for a month or so. Other than a the inside of her cheeks being sore, she has adjusted really well. For her, the palate spreader was much more traumatic.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Party Like a Jedi

Gus' best buddy turned 4!

I Took a Big Break

There has been so much happening in our household that I got a little lost and a little stressed. Unfortunately, the first thing that got dropped was my blog. I can't believe I haven't posted since our Sequoia trip, which feels like so long ago. I am going to be playing lots and lots of catch up as I still want the photos to be saved on my blog. 

First up, one of Pearl's favorite places to read. 

TaTa with her very own preschool.

The two olders basketball photos.

Mars decided to model Keller's covered wagon project from school. 

Pearly is a little bit country.

We wrapped up another season of Girl Scout Cookie Sales. Woot woot!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sequoia 2016

While J put the snow chains on (and froze his fingers), the kids enjoyed the snow and freedom from the car. It took considerable longer to get to the Montecito Lodge as they were on escort service only due to a crazy snowstorm. That means that everyone staying the night at the lodge had to meet at the gift shop at the entrance to Kings Canyon National Park. Then, we had to caravan following a snow plow. Sounds easy enough, but escort was running a hour late due to problems with cars that were leaving the lodge. Our caravan was 20+ cars long and it was dark and snowing hard. It took an hour and a half to travel the normal 20 minute drive. Crazy time! That said, thankful we weren't behind the car that lost its snow chain, which proceeded to wrap around its axle, which then stranded the cars behind it. That is right, half of our caravan didn't arrive at the lodge until 11pm. Yikes!

Pearl loved the snow, but not her mittens. She learned fast enough that no mittens = hands that burn from the cold. Poor thing!

Snowboarding lessons! So impressed at how easily kids pick up new skills. Both were boarding down the mountain in no time. Vera loved it.

In-law love!

Pearl-Girl love!

Gus thought eating the snow was basically the best thing ever.

These kids are amazing. Ha, I will admit though, at the end of the lesson Keller walked up to us and his instructor carried his skies. I guess he was worn out.

Snow angel time!

Group shot!

Ha! Zia made a great observation. When adults are asked to act silly we tilt our heads and open our mouths. Silly.

We still like each other.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

TaTa Rocks

I have found a new love. The Kindle Paperwhite is amazing. I love the fact that I can read in the dark, but that it isn't a computer screen. TaTa made a nifty cover for her new Paperwhite and when I expressed interest, knitted this one up for me. Love, love, love! Thanks, Sis!!  

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

10! 10! 10!

Vera turned 10! We celebrated with balloons and streamers, she wasn't the only happy with the decorations. They provided hours of entertainment for Mars. He eventually figured out how to stand on a kitchen chair, hop to the sill, and swat at all those colorful delights. 

Another birthday must, Birthday Guacamole!

A ten-year-old must celebrate in style and so off to the Lompoc Aquatic Water Center we went with 100 of our closest classmates and friends.

We didn't take any cake home!

A slight drizzle of rain forced the cake on the patio portion of the birthday to be moved indoors. It got quite cozy in our little room...lots of energy.

Then, the fun began!