Saturday, August 28, 2010

Amy's Baby Shower for #3

A third baby for Amy is the best reason to celebrate with good food and good mom friend time.

Everything really is more appetizing when served with a wee little umbrella sticking out. The salami in the background tasted darn good as well. What is it about salami and why is it so darn yummy?

Is that a cute pregnant belly or what? She definitely has the whole basketball look going.

So, so yummy!

Although I didn't host the party, I did offer to make cupcakes. Originally I scoped out butterfly cupcakes on the Yummy Mummy site that were fantastic and elegant. It turns out that they were just a tiny bit harder then they looked and mine came out more preschool birthday party than baby shower. Instead I decided simple pink shaved chocolate on coffee chocolate cupcake. Cupcakes are hard! I thought they were a bit dry, not my favorite dessert to make I have decided.

Ridiculous photo of me and pregnant lady. the group shot with my ladies.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Super Excited...

...about our new camera!!

Chinese Banquet

The final wedding activity of the weekend for A & O was a Chinese Wedding Banquet on Sunday night = yummy food and lots of it.

Very original centerpieces. I heart the artichoke!

Dude, J and I could not take a couple picture to save our lives. This was the best of the bunch, mainly because it is funny.

Again, loving the twigs and figs.

You ever notice how often a new groom will twiddle, tug, and twirl his wedding ring. I almost started to count.

J and his date, the lovely Ms. S.

Okay, I have to admit that I liked the look of these little guys, but couldn't quite make myself eat them. I don't even like my chicken to look like it had bones at one time. There was no way that I could swallow this sweet little guy all marinated in sauce.

Thank goodness for K & K who kept me entertained at Table #12.

Don't even ask.

So many fun festivities, such a good time!

Sunday Funday Date Day

With the kiddos at Happy Hollow, J and I booked it to the city to act like tourists and enjoy a little off time to ourselves. We didn't have a plan, but somehow ended up at Ghirardelli Square. How have I never been there before? Chocolate and I go hand-in-hand through life and I quite enjoyed the free sample as you enter the store AND the chocolate dipped waffle cone that I indulged in.

We ate hot dogs enjoying the sun.

So many choices, so little room left in my stomach.

We managed a small walk to a scenic Golden Gate Bridge viewing area.

It was such a good day and was capped off when we saw this brilliant piece of artwork rolling past us. I love SF!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Hollow

Nonni and Nonno treated all the Mazzettas to a Sunday Funday. To do this, they took the munchkins to Happy Hollow Park and Zoo and let J and I have a date day. Our date day blog will be coming next, but for now I just have to say that I am very, very impressed with the in-laws for spending the entire day with a toddler and a 13-year-old. Wait, Vera isn't 13...her attitude says differently.

Back to the Awesomeness that is Happy Hollow. Vera could go on all of the rides and Keller most, there was a petting zoo where you could also "wash" the animals, and a park. They spent 5.5 hours there! I don't think even J and I would have attempted that feat.

The kids' favorite ride of the day...the Frog Hopper!

Vera's least favorite ride of the day. Can you see the fear on her face?


The F-i-L's homemade pepper jam made with homegrown jalapeno peppers. It is so good! The in-laws have already left for work today and I think we are going to search the house to see if there are any jars to nab and bring to SB.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Godfather's Wedding

There are several things that I loved about Vera's godfather's wedding. First, there was a darn sexy officiant who performed the ceremony. I have to laugh though. Here my hubby is wearing a beautiful tux and looks so handsome. Upon seeing him a high school friend of J's who happened to be at the wedding as well leans over to me and whispers, "Wow, he is starting to wear pants that actually fit him." Yes, at 32 J has matured. :)

The beautiful couple!

My secret to keeping the kids quiet during the ceremony is to stuff a lollipop in each of their mouths.

I think every wedding that I go to from now on needs to have this yummy goodness as the take home treat. Hello kettle corn, come to mama!

We (the entire Mazzetta Crew at the party) loved the pink parasols handed out to guests. Great idea! Not only do they look gorgeous, they kept the kids busy. Uhmm...that was until it became Keller's one and only mission to destroy the pink umbrella at all costs.

He was egged on by this guy:

They also had ice cream!

Great wedding! Congrats to the happy couple, so excited for them to start their new life together.