Monday, May 25, 2020

Silver Falls Hike

A hike in Silver Falls National Park was what I thought this family needed on Sunday. The park just reopened and although there were people I never felt unsafe in regards to social distancing. Getting there early helped and clearing out by 1pm seems to be working in regards to avoiding large amounts of crowds. That said, I need to get my kids on board with hiking. The two boys in the middle in particular like to complain, complain, and then complain some more. 

7 falls! There is so much to see on this hike between the falls and river connecting them. Three of the falls you can go behind. It is beautiful and amazing. We still have yet to try the 7 mile hike that includes 10 falls. Hmm...maybe in another year.

Close to the finish line, 5 miles completed by these kiddos.

Road to Recovery

This kid doesn't complain. The color change around his eye is pretty spectacular, he had to have hit himself pretty darn hard, and he still just chugs along with life like normal. I should say he doesn't complain about bruises and bumps...hiking with his family...that is another story. 

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Sushi for Dinner

That orange stuff = blended carrot that mimics the taste of spicy tuna. I am obsessed with Tabitha Brown, a vegan chef who posts recipes on Instagram. 

Kayaking Adventures

Our first day out was on the Willamette River...exactly where Vera rows. It was an adventure for sure as I haven't kayaked in over 2 years. 

2nd Adventure: Super beautiful hidden gen only 10 miles from our houses. I love that Kellie is willing to bring her phone on board to take photos (in a waterproof bag, of course!). Also, grateful that I get to borrow her hubbies kayak.

1st Black Eye

Keller wins! First black eye in the family (well, other than J in his youth) caused by his own knee on the trampoline. I knew front flips are dangerous.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

The Grand Saturday Adventure...

...turned out that my sightseeing destination was a little area right off of the freeway. We headed to see Willamette Falls and the old paper mill plant/hydroelectric PG&E area. 3 of the 4 kids were not thrilled with me. Thank goodness Pearl is still a get along kid. Oh, and Vera is learning to hold her tongue even if what we are doing is b-o-r-i-n-g. Did I find it interesting? For sure. 

Hope School Teacher Parade

It was a very quick 30-seconds as the teacher's flew by us in their cars. Pearl did get a wave from her kindergarten teacher. Gus' teacher was a little hidden in her car. Believe it or now, Vera saw several of her middle school ones. Keller ditched us and rode his bike around the neighborhood. 

Yes, I bribed him with a popsicle.

Do you want to build a snowman?

Quarantine snowman was the theme for the day.

Mother's Day Shenanigans

Everyone in the water!

A Boy and His Cat