Saturday, January 24, 2015

Vera's Birthday Day

Vera's choice this year, instead of a party, was to spend a day with me doing girly-things and getting to just have a day for the two of us to hang. First on our stop, Starbucks, where Vera had a peppermint hot chocolate.

A pretty bathroom break. ;)

A little shopping spree!

Yummy treats!

We walked around the tide pools, where the highlight was definitely seeing several sea cucumbers.

Vera and I then spent time reading on the beach. Reading Anne of Green Gables with Vera makes me so happy. It was one of my favorite books as a child and to share it with her is the best.  

AND, making art. It was a brilliant day spent with my little girl, who is 9!

A Mini Reunion

It is such a sad day when good friends move away. We miss the D Family! But, it is a great to hear tales of their adventures in the Windy City and the fun that they are having. It is the best when they come back for a visit.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

The 26th - Christmas Part II

Thanks Nonni and Nonno for making our second Christmas special!

Pearl helping to open presents. 

One of those times that I didn't give my kids enough credit. Keller wrapped up a present for Nonno and I saw a bunch of papers. Nonno opens it and Keller goes into a whole story of a fish being chased by a monster. The fish has to get under the bridge. It is very cool. 

He is in the perfect stage for Christmas Pure joy! His big present from Nonni and Nonno didn't make it in time for Christmas and yet he was super excited about the fact that he would get his present soon. 

Get ready, this girl will be playing softball in the spring. Thanks A Family for the new baseball/softball gloves.

He might have been just a little excited about his present, Pokemon Cards. The photo is fuzzy, but his delight is clear!

 Keller enjoyed stacking up his Pokemon stash. 

A whole track to play on and instead Gus is flying his car around.

Christmas Dinner

It was a little Christmas miracle, a picture of the 6 of us all looking at the camera with smiles (or almost smiles) on our faces. Woot woot! Basically, I handed my camera to my friend's sister's husband. It was random, he has a Nikon, I have a Nikon, so I thought he would know how to take a picture. Turns out that he is a photographer and this is the shot. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Is it cheesy to think that this is my favorite Christmas present.

My pretty girls!



Christmas Day - Christmas Part I

Christmas would not be complete without a whoopie cushion. Or, as Gus likes to call it, a fart bag.

Each of the big kids got a microscope for burning leaves in the backyard.


I think J likes playing with the new toys as much as the kids

Thanks Uncle Dan for our yummy breakfast! That is right, my b-i-l brought us cinnamon rolls in the morning on Christmas Day. We did have to cook them ourselves, or should I say, undercook them. There is nothing better than an ooey-gooey cinnamon roll.

One of the many cool gifts that Vera got from Opa is an owl puppet. She is adding puppeteer to her possible career choice for the future. 

Bath Fun

Pearl has the most diverse set of facial expressions. I kid you not, she is already posing for the camera and making a "Cheese!" face when her picture is taken.

Gus is definitely my question mark these days. There are some days that he will happily smile for photos and others where he straight refuses to look at the camera. This photo makes he look a wee bit devilish.