Friday, March 28, 2014

Living Legends - Jane Goodall

Every student in Vera's class had to choose a significant and important person to study. They then made a poster AND practiced a speech that gave all kinds of fun information on their legend. When tapped on the shoulder, they in character, had to recite for parents their practiced about pressure. 

Get ready for Vera as Jane Goodall!


Pretty cool, their portraits of their legends were done on the computer.

A Collection

Yes, I think it is super sweet that the gir

And, there is nothing cuter than a boy in a baseball uniform. 


Gus was the only family member that would pose with a Wizard of Oz character. 

Pearly at her check up.


Keller is reading!!!

Basketball season is over.

Oh my. Pearly is so, so sweet. 

Someone loves his new baseball batting helmet. 

We scored free rides on the animals at the zoo. Nope, even I can't really explain this picture. ;)

Legos are a new constant hit at our household. 

I cut his hair! I think it turned out pretty well. 

Gus got dressed by himself...using a shirt as pants. He is very creative. 

Riding like a big girl.

Friday, March 21, 2014


The entire Hope School student body, you get bonus points if you can find V and K in the masses. I will give this hint, Vera is in the "O" and Keller is in the "E."

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

St. Patty's Day


I was in the kitchen for 2 minutes cutting tomatoes. Gus decided that he wanted Mike Tyson as a sibling instead of little Pearly. Thankfully, the marker wiped right off...even the marker in her hair. Oh yes, he also scribbled in her hair a bit in the back. 

Nonni and Nonno Visit

Pearly Whirrly - 4 Month

Pearl is a rolling machine at 4 months! She rolls, smiles, and plays with her toes. Seriously, other than a lingering cold that has her up at night, this little chica is a very happy baby.  

Life so far:
  • She gives the first person who sees her in the morning a HUGE smile
  • Already wearing 6 month clothing
  • Loves to sleep with her head tucked up against the side of the bassinet
  • Loves to pull people's hair ;)


13 lbs 6.5 oz
26.25 in

For Comparison:
Gus -
15 lbs
26.5 in

15.6 lbs
26 in

16.4 lbs
26.5 in

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Story of My Life

Walking with Cousins

Have to say, love going places with my sis. One, I like spending time with her. Also, there are pictures of me with my children!

Gus' World

Gussy Gus, of all the children, his world has been the most rocked by Pearl. My lap is not as readily available and his mama spends too much time nursing that baby. Two weeks ago, Gus injured his ankle in a bounce house. I am sure it hurt and he was truly injured, but holy hell, the little monkey milked it for all its worth. He refused to walk or stand up on his ankle for an entire week. I (and sometimes J) had to carry him everywhere. The stroller was brought back out for daily use on errands. My friend, a physical therapist, spent half an hour with him giving a full check-up and gave the verdict, "He just needs attention." I need to try a bit harder to make sure that they are all getting the time that they need from J and I. 

On a side note, right before he injured his ankle we potty trained. Yep, I spent that entire week shuttling him back and forth to the bathroom. He had attention from me in spades. Of the kiddos so far, extremely easy to potty train him. One week and he is diaper free, even at night. Knock on wood that I didn't just curse myself with a regression. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

First Game, First Pitch!