Thursday, July 23, 2015

Jelly Belly

On our way up north we stopped at the Fairfield Jelly Belly Factory for our annual tour of the facility. This time, we made sure that we were visiting on a week day so that the kids could see the factory in its full working glory. Alas, foiled AGAIN! The darn factory shuts down for the month of July. Argh! We have high hopes that one day we see those yummy little candies being made. On a side note, I think we wore Opa out and he may or may not pass next time we tour the facility. You definitely need to drink your coffee before hanging out with our crew and wear ear plugs.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bullard's Bar

The water is so pretty!

Pearl still not 100% sure of the water.

Other kids = loving it!

The mosquitoes loved our family. Everyone had bites and marks on face and body. Poor V, allergic reactions left her with two baseball sized lumps. Deet to the rescue!

Last group shot of the trip.

Yuba Feather Museum

We LOVE the Yuba Feather Museum. Lots of information, nice docents ready to answer questions, and old-fashioned bonnets for sale. There really isn't anything not to love.  

$7 = the best prop for all future photographs. How could I not buy the bonnet?

Collin's Lake...

...otherwise known as the place with a teeter-totter and really big ice creams for cheap. 

House von Klaus - Cabin Living

The kids were so excited to eat their cereal using the box as a bowl. It definitely is the little things in life.

Marshmallows roasted on the fire were a nightly occurrence.

Our friends showed up with an enormous bag of kettle corn. As you can imagine, it lasted exactly 15 seconds.

Crafting fun!

A treasure hunt led the kiddos all over the house and yard. I like this picture because I forgot to take pictures of the kids practicing archery, but the three olders loved shooting arrows.

You have to make them take a group photo at some points.

More crafting! We may have gotten obsessed with rock sculptures.

Really obsessed!

Little Grass Valley Resevoir

Walk up and see a snake. Can you find it? I hesitated for a moment before getting in the water after seeing the little guy.

Good dad, because with three of our four "fishing" he was constantly untangling lines, putting bait on the hook, and moving from one kid to another to help. I sat around and kept on Gus so that he wouldn't hook his brother or sisters.

No doubt. Keller loves fishing.

Oh the dilemma. She wanted to catch a fish, she didn't want to catch a fish, she didn't want to hurt the fish...what to do.

What?!? Did someone say fishing?

Sisters. Pearly couldn't decide whether she liked the water or not.

One day, the Pearly-Girl will be able to join in on the family swim.