Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Comparison Time

We get the comment all the time that the two boys look the same. I think their expressions are the same, but am wondering if August's features are closer to Vera's. Tomorrow, I am going to dig up a photo of her with her tongue out. :)

Nonni Birthday Present

Vera and Nonni went shopping, walking up and down the aisles of both Target and Toys 'R Us, just the two of them, and came home with this beauty for Vera's birthday present. Vera is in love with Rosie. As we drive home, Rosie is keeping Vera company in the back of the van and is having her hair braided and re-braided. Thank you Nonni for the girls' shopping trip.

Brunch with Friends

Thank you to The M Family for hosting a brunch, so nice to get to visit with friends in a place that is childproofed. :) As you can tell, their little munchkin is a sweetie and he is going to be a great big brother.

What a good Alex!

J's Family... HUGE!

Time With My Side...

Thanks Pops for the yummy brunch and willingness to open an extra jar of pickles for the kiddos. We love our Christmas presents!

Brotherly love...kind of...this trip has been the first time that Keller has shown aggression about having a baby brother. We have had some regression issues with him, but he has been protective of August to date. This week though, his little foot will strike out to see if he can kick the baby and if it lands, how much attention it will garner him from mom and dad. Ugh!


Group photo time!!

This holiday has been all about running from one family/friend to another. Surprisingly, it has worked out wonderfully and the kids have been fairly well behaved (it depends on who you ask).

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gingerbread Men Contest

Thank you Trader Joe's for a good hour of fun!

Keller + his best buddy Tyler. If I needed to find Keller this vacation, I just looked for Tyler and there was my boy staring up with adoration.

Way to go Nonno, he collaborated with Trev on a cigarette smoking man...classy.

Potato War

We gifted Zia and Zio with potato guns this Christmas and it is the gift that keeps giving. Basically, the pellets are tiny bits of potato that you dig out with your gun. The gun holds exactly one pellet, so you have to reload each time. Because there were more people than guns, the Freeze Tag Potato Gun Game was invented.

Christmas Morning!!

Really, the kids didn't need other gifts, they loved the two gigantic pens under the tree.

What is Christmas morning if you don't stick your baby in random places...

Except, if they hadn't gotten other presents, I would have never gotten this cute photo of them playing a duet on the guitars from Nonni and Nonno.

Come on...too cute!

Matching PJs

The tradition will continue for at least a few more years...I love them in matching pajamas!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Hollow Baby!

Going to Happy Hollow on Christmas Eve gave the kids a needed break from all of the family/friend visiting. We love to see everyone, but after a bit, it gets harder and harder for Keller to understand why he has to be calm and mellow...the kid just wants to be jumping up and down or running around. We got to see Amburger + one my friends from college. My college friend brought her son and after a small warm-up period, he and Vera were holding hands while walking around the park. He is her younger man (as he is almost 4!).

Amber = Good Sport - Thank you for riding the roller coaster with the Keller Dude!

Yep, Amburger also went on the Frog Hopper with the kids.

A high-five from Danny the Dinosaur completed our day!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Cookie Decorating at Zia's

Friday, December 23, 2011

Yay for Family Reunions

Yes, I do make them be this cheesy for photos. Kim was having none of it, but laughing all the same.

All the munchkins, my little sis's kids are sweeties. Look at that arm around Keller and the big bro sitting on the ground put up with Keller flitting around him all day and Vera bossing him non-stop.

Best cookies in the world! I knew I learned how to bake cookies from someone...thanks Nadine!

Meeting Izzy...