Friday, September 9, 2016


Crazy, our first time at the Staples Center, first time watching the Sparks play, and first time dancing on the jumbotron!! Our friends are old pros and they recommended a box if a bunch of us were going as ticket prices were reasonable and kiddos could at least move around. 

We were a big group with a bunch of kiddos. It was great, I did feel sad for the two women who were "lucky" enough to end up in our box.

Celebrity game = Val from Dancing with the Stars sighting!

California Science Center

Soccer Saturday

Ha! They are all on different teams, but darn cute having matching uniform colors with friends. 

First day of the season, white jerseys, and it is sprinkling! Oxyclean to the rescue!!!

Catch Up

With brothers and sister gone we get to spend time with our cousin and other little friends. A zoo trip was one of our first outings...basically to see the adorable new baby giraffe. 

J has decided that we have lived in Santa Barbara long enough and we need to start supporting the Dodgers.

Pearl LOVES her dance class!

She loves dance so much that we went ahead and bought the outfit!

Friend time!

Bike Riding Boys - Enuf Said

Pearly Whirly

This is what happens when all of the other kiddos go to school and you get mama all to yourself. 

First Day of School Pictures - K, 3rd, and 5th

My babies are getting so big.

New Art

That moment when you realize that the art in your kitchen is over 5 years old. We needed new artwork and this time all done by the kiddos. Okay, I admit I helped Pearl a little bit. In order from top to bottom the artwork was competed by Pearl, Keller, Gus, and Vera. 

Company Work Party

I bet you can just guess who brought the party...