Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Blue Lightening Bombs

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Keller in Class

Keller's teachers send updates and photos periodically, couldn't resist this one of Keller in his new glasses.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tall Ships - Spirit of Dana Point

The 4th graders at Vera's school have the opportunity to spend the night on an authentic sailing ship from around 1835. Ha, I need to do my research, I am not positive if the ship is authentic or a copy of a ship from that time. Regardless, it is very cool. There is a strict captain on board that has her new crew register for a two year voyage sailing to the horn of Mexico to collect cow hides. Fact: All sailors were men as women were considered bad luck on a sailing ship. The crew were all referred to as Mr.

The boat never leaves the harbor, but the kids spend a night taking turns on watch and have different jobs to keep the ship running. ;) Vera had some luck and was given the 4-6am watch. Therefore, she got to sleep from about 10:30-3:45. I was not so lucky with the 2-4am shift. I think I slept a total of 3 hours. It was worth it. A very neat adventure!

Vera signing on for the voyage.

Okay, Vera is not in this picture, but cool to see the galley. It is updated and the galley crew is in charge of the meals for the voyage.

The water picture is one of my favorite shots.

Just to get a feel for where we slept. I should mention, we "set sail" during a heatwave in Santa Barbara and sleep was just a dream. It was hot and sweaty in those bunks. I lucked out and slept on that bench where everyone is sitting during the sea chantey session of the night.

Welding Project

A co-worker of J's let the boys help during a welding project at his house. We had two very happy boys that day. 

Ha, I should have had J explain exactly what they did better. I know they helped make a ramp to load vehicles into a trailer...

I think the gear was half the fun.

The boys even got to make a personal project at the end. A little man made out of nuts and bolts and whatnots. Super fun day!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Holy Heck I am Behind on Photos...

This girl turns 2 in under a month, hard to imagine. Those pjs she is wearing on the right, size 4t (passed down so I am sure they have shrunk a little bit.) :)

Crazy duo:

Mars has a new favorite. 

One of the local high schools has an amazing engineering program. They created a carousel that showcases different scientific principles. Vera and Jason could have stayed all day. As you can tell from my vague writing, I should have been paying better attention, but instead spent my time sprinting after Pearl and making sure that her little toddler fingers didn't touch. 

First swim time trials!

Fun with friends watching turtles and eating snacks. 

At a soccer party for Vera's team, the kids got to swim in the fountain, because we usually go to house's where they have an Olympic pool sized fountain. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Nix, I love the fact that she looks like she has eyebrows. 

We have had a ton of sibling rivalry lately. So much so that I feel like half of my day is spent ref'ing the kids.Then, there are sweet 5-minute episodes where everyone is getting along and all find common ground.

4th Grade Bike Rodeo...gotta learn safety.

Gus is excited about his Halloween costume. Now we get to play a new game, Spot the Gus!

Vera loves the kitties and Pearl wants to love the kitties so tightly and with all of her 2-year-old hugs

From Brownie to Junior

Having never participated in Girl Scouts, I was unprepared for all of the benefits and opportunities it provides. I am so thankful for Vera's troop and glad that she continues to want to be a part of an amazing group of girls.


Vera crossing the bridge from Brownie to Junior.