Friday, January 14, 2022

Tahoe for the Win!

Our friends rented the most beautiful "cabin."

So much snow play. So much snow. 

Vera and I got a chance to cross country ski. I was sore for the rest of our vacation. Ha!

The next day Gus and J took a turn and they were rock stars and went father than Vera and I.  

Happiest when relaxing, reading, and drinking coffee. 

I think we all know that this was J's idea. 

Also, somebody please come and get this child. 

Chocolate guessing competition!

Homebound with icicles in our tub to get the leftover food home. 


That is a wrap for this trip!

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Christmas 2021

I feel like Christmas was special this year. Everyone was feeling pretty good about the COVID vaccines working and everyone 5 and up could be vaccinated. Omicron was just starting to spread and so wasn't as much of a concern. 

So...we prepped for holding J's holiday work party at our house and I made meat flowers for the first time. 

Christmas lights and a goofy family photo:

Before we left on our Christmas road trip, I planned Candy Cane Trains for both a group of Pearl's friends and a group of Gus' friends. 

Christmas Road Trip 2021:

On Christmas Day Pearl ran into the side of a pool at our hotel and caused both J and I a lot of worry. She was A-Okay minus a bit of skin taken from her forehead and nose. Pearly is one tough girl and managed to not let the whole thing phase her much. Her mama didn't fare so well and I worried for...well, still worrying about her. I would put them all in bubble wrap if I could. 

We got to meet an addition to J's high school friend group and he is a cutie. 

Fun time with cousins at the California Academy of Sciences. 

I think these Andy Warhol prints are amazing.