Monday, June 27, 2016


Our family (minus Jaso) had a sleepover at our longtime family friend's house. Super fun! The kiddos really play amazingly well and a good time was had by all. 

They are the cutest!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Monochromatic Monday

Father's Day

Recently, J took an LA trip with a co-worker and they ended up in what our family now calls Asian Costco. It is not actually run by Costco, but has a similar feel in a large warehouse and bulk buying of all our favorite goodies. Jok and rice noodles in large quantities were both on my list. 

Outside is an authentic Thai outdoor restaurant, Mama Mae Ting's Coconut Cakes. We grubbed. 

I really was going to just take a picture of the cakes being cooked, but then the sweet workers posed and here you go! Side note, Gus loves Thai papaya salad. After discovering the shrimp our three other kids were a bit weary, not Gus. He dug in with gusto and ate most of it by the end of the meal. 

Do you need the world's larges stock pot or wok?

Holy crap it was hot! I don't know how people do it. Our seats were in the blazing sun and I lasted 3 innings before complaining enough that J found us seats in shade. Something about the heat made me panic. 

Gus liked the new seats so much that he immediately fell asleep. 


Uhmmm...our new seats were a tad bit better than our old ones...AND in the shade. Plus, no one asked us to move, so I feel like it was a win, win, win. 

Father's Day Thoughts

Posted these two pictures on facebook for Father's Day...

Opa, I love you lots. I thought about posting something on facebook, but then thought you would never see it. That said, we were in LA watching the Dodgers and this happened:

You better believe it reminded me of you! How did my son manage to fall asleep while sitting up at a baseball game? It must be in the genes. Love you! Ha!! All that said, as we got out of the game, guess which amazing couple forgot to note down where they parked the minivan. I had to laugh. Opa, do you remember a certain basketball game in the new stadium...that had a HUGE parking lot. How long did we walk around looking for our car. J and I found our car in 15 minutes, but it brought back good memories of my childhood. Well, good memories after we found the car and stopped being frustrated. In our defense, frustration kicks in pretty fast when it is hot, hot, hot and you are carrying (in my case) a 45+ lb, crying Gus. 

Nonni and Nonno Camp

Keller had a phenomenal trip. He loved every minute and had a hard time picking a favorite part. I think fishing always wins, but everything else was a close second. 

He is a happy boy when he is camping.

I am going to say it a thousand times, so thankful for Nonni and Nonno. 

Dinosaur Camp

First camp experience for Gus = positive! I was worried after the first day...and I quote, "We had a little free time and then it was just work, work, work. Are we only going to learn about dinosaurs?" Well, I signed you up for Dino Camp, Gus, so yep...dinosaurs were the main attraction. Soon realized after his grumpiness that he was just hangry. The boy needs food when he needs it. School and eating schedule are going to be interesting. That said, uphill from the first day with all drop-offs and pick-ups easy. He liked what they learned, loved dissecting a dinosaur's stomach (aka, jello with weird stuff in it), and learning the different between herbivores and carnivores. 

J picked him up on the last day of camp and he was a happy fellow.

Nonni and Nonno + Morro Bay

Keller week at Nonni and Nonno Camp meant that our family drove up to San Luis Obispo to perform the hand-off. It is so weird when one of them goes up for the week, especially at night when I expect them to all be tucked into their beds. Thankful that they get the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with J's parents. 

With Keller safely on the way into tons and tons of traffic getting back to SF, the rest of our crew stopped at Morro Bay to be tourists on a different beach. 

The famous rock! The beach was oddly filled with wee, dead crab bodies. Ha! Interesting, but I wasn't all about sitting in the sand and digging my feet in. 

This guy was definitely interested in the science portion of our trip.

Why do kids need toys. Not kidding, the bottle wrapper was a phone, eye mask, and bracelet at different times. Glad she can entertain herself. On a weird note, we are an audio book family whereas Pearl is purely a music kind of girl. She has to get with the program soon, but man she screams when the books go on.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Side x Side

I have to remember to do a comparison picture with all 4 of them in it next school year. I love seeing how they have changed. Oh, and the fact that Gus is wearing Keller's pants on the last day of school. My fault as I most likely put them in the wrong drawer while doing laundry. Ha!

Yay for 2nd!

4th Grade Complete!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Thanks, Sis!

In other news, my sister is making amazing art with a scroll saw. I LOVE my whale necklace!!

Tournament Champs - Spring Finale 2016

The 4th Grade Dream Chasers rocked the Conejo Spring Finale Tournament. As we watched in the stands, our parents wanted an age check on a couple of the opposing team players. Aka, the opposing coach pulled players from older teams. Sheesh. Did it stop our team from winning, heck no. Proud mama!

T-shirts for the win!

It is so much fun to watch this team play.