Friday, May 30, 2014

Spirit Week - Crazy Hair Day

Spirit Week - Superhero Day

 Sheet as a cape = awesome!

Gus has to get in on the action. 

Group shot!

You can feel his power!

Sunday, May 18, 2014


PJ - First Time Swimming

Wedding - HeartStone Ranch

J's coworker and running partner got married this weekend and our family was invited out for the festivities. Our first wedding at HeartStone Ranch, the venue is amazing and the bride and groom's attention to detail was inspiring. The kids spent a good hour coloring at the kid's table and another playing croquet (before the real croquet players hit the course). It also gave me a chance to grab a picture of our family of 6 in our wedding finery.

Can you find Pearl?


Pearl had a blast until about dinner time and then this little girl realized she was low on naps and just wanted to go home. 

The kiddos' favorite part of the wedding, the McConnell's ice cream truck. Yummy!!


PJ is standing with assistance! Part of me is so excited for her to hit this milestone and see the look of accomplishment on her face as she pulls herself up. The other part, the part that has to watch her every second so that she doesn't bash her head, is a little sad.

Also, crawling! We have been scooting for some time, but the hands and legs are all working together now. 

And, eating cantaloupe! Just kidding, I gave her this piece just to keep her busy for an additional 2 minutes at dinner.

Bath Buddies