Monday, February 28, 2011

Hot Sauce Competition

As I ran out the door to tutoring tonight, I had just a moment to holler at J that the kids still needed dinner. I wasn't totally evil and mentioned that the kids hadn't had eggs yet today and so egg burritos would be a quick and easy food to serve. Plus, they usually get eaten by both kiddos.

Again, nights like tonight are where I realize the true differences between J and me. Keller after one bite of dinner decides that he is done. At that point, I probably would have cajoled and bribed the kid into at least a few more bites. J, takes out every hot sauce in the fridge and starts a hot sauce competition. We like to burn our kids' taste buds to oblivion at our house.

Nope, they didn't make if through every sauce, but J proudly states that Vera tried the hottest one. 10 years from now, she is going to be eating habanero peppers like candy.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Like Son, Like Father

Were you really there Big J? I think I smell a photoshop here.

BTW, that is the SF Giants World Series Trophy behind the head. :) Love you f-i-l.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Science Geeks

Science has been the go-to subject for the last month in the Mazzetta House. It started off when J decided to take the day off work to drive the kids to Lompoc to watch a rocket being launched from Vandenberg AFB. Even he will now admit it was a long drive (45 minutes each way) for a very short activity (30ish seconds), the only reason I mention it is because it is my justification for why I stayed home, in bed, reading a book.

The great part about the experience was that it fueled (pun intended) Vera's thirst for knowledge about space and rockets. Keller has always thought rockets were pretty cool, I think because of his awesome rocket pajamas.

Even I have to admit that the curly-q cloud/tail/whatever the official name is, is pretty darn cool.

The next step was a trip to the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum (SBNHM) to watch the planetarium show "Cardboard Rocket." A 45-minute show in which two kids use their homemade rocket to explore all the planets in the Milky Way.

After the show, J and the kiddos did a little exploring of the SBNHM. What happened next is why I think children have both moms and dads. See, when I take the kids and traipse around the SBNHM, we hang out on the bridges and enter a few rooms here and there. J, he took the kids across the creek (using rocks to cross), up a hill, and to what can only be defined now as a random area. In that random area, which we are not even sure is a part of the museum, they found...BONES!

Did they leave those bones alone, of course not. Instead, they arranged them on a rock. I should clarify that the bones would almost be considered fossils at this point and since the kids are very into dinosaurs...they thought the whole thing was pretty darn cool. So cool in fact, that they went back to visit the bones 3 times.

On the second visit, I mentioned to J that he should probably tell someone what they had found. Oh, those wonderful employees. The amazing person he talked to gave them two choices. First, they could leave the bones at the museum for a scientist to identify what animal they were. Or, J and the kids could take them home. This is where I would have said to leave them. Hello, what are we going to do with bones at our house? Well, it turns out that they make a lovely porch decoration. Yep, we have what can only be identified as a leg bone, a vertebrae, and a tooth chilling by our door. A little creepy, although we haven't had a solicitor drop by since they have made their appearance.

I, being me and slightly less into real bones, bought the kids a dinosaur fossil kit from Michael's. It took them 45-minutes to dig out the bones...worth every penny of the $3 that I spent.