Sunday, February 17, 2013


It turns out that a Costco pizza is very easy to turn into a Valentine's Day dinner. I almost gave up on the pepperoni that kept tearing, but persevered with the encouragement of one determined 7-year-old.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Sweet Surprise

Wednesday afternoon, we were having one of those moments where something needed to change for the better. Then, I heard the doorbell ring...chocolate strawberries!!! Thanks Opa!!

Gus and I both chose the milk chocolate with walnuts. Super yummy! 

 Vera went with the dark chocolate covered in chocolate chips.

Keller's was white chocolate drizzled with dark chocolate. With how fast they disappeared, you know that they were delicious.

Vera's Valetines

Vera and I tag teamed making her Valentine's for school this year. There might have been a few moments when I was trying to get the printer to work with construction paper that things got a bit dicey.

Valentine Crafting!

With friends over to play and craft, our crew + sis and her offspring, sat down to make reusable cloth napkins for Valentine's Day. The funny part, is that leading up to this project, I had promised that I had fabric paint. Right up to the point that I couldn't find it. Whoops! 15 minutes before everyone was supposed to arrive, I am sprinting to the craft store to pick up supplies. It happens.  


TaTa gets major props, since she is the one that sewed all of the napkins for us to paint. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013


February also marks our Lil Cuz's 2nd birthday. Greek food + strawberry birthday cake = J and me eating waaay too much food. So good. Oh, it also gave the three boys at the party a chance to chill  and cruise the main strip for a bit. Gus didn't get the memo that hands and feet needed to be kept in the vehicle at all times.

Almost Ready

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. No cards have been made, yet, but we have started off February right with heart shaped sugar cookies.

Have Fun You Shall

A very high standard has been set for Start Wars themed parties. The cake alone, made by the mama, was a masterpiece. Such a cool party!


It took Keller exactly 5 minutes to find a lightsaber, choose a duct tape color to cover it in, and get right into the action of the party. 

Vera enjoyed Yoda's ear. 

AND, the lightsaber pretzels. I kid you not, Mrs. E thought of everything. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

UCSB's Women's Basketball + Cookies

J's co-worker hooked us up with two free VIP tickets to the UCSB Women's Basketball Game on Sunday. VIP means that we got to visit the hospitality room before the game and at half-time. Drinks + yummy food = a score. Vera loved the cookies (of course!) and I loved...the cookies. They were great cookies! VIP seats meant we got to sit on the comfy blue pads. UCSB won and signed autographs after the game. All good. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happenings - Part 99

August's first experience with paint. Loved it! He would throw a tantrum each and every time we took the paint brush from him to get more paint.

Kiddos loved hammering at the coconut and then getting rewarded for their efforts. 

The sweetest smile!

Wait, two more sweet smiles. :)

Monkey bar/rings proficient = check! 

Up and down, up and down on a bouncy bridge...Gus is already a daredevil. 

Vera completed her first hand sewing project. 

My little girl has discovered a love for posing, so much that it has become a problem to get a natural look out of her. 

100 Day Crown for school = 100 hundred feathers!

Basketball season is here and our girl is representing in true Mazzetta Style, a very tall style.

The amazing merry-go-round at Dinosaur Park.