Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Princess Day at the Zoo

Thankful that both both my little princess and big princess had a good time.

V loved having her hair curled...it took a long time.

Pearly-Whirly's went rather fast.

So fast that she got photo opportunities while big sis was finishing up with her curls.

She even went to Captain Hook by herself!

Meanwhile, two very sweet ladies continued to curl, curl, and curl some more. 

Happy girls!

Once Vera realized you got a candy bracelet after visiting Captain Hook, she was all in.

She was also a good sport taking photos with her little sister and mama.

Pearl's favorite princess.

My favorite was Maleficent...she even had the nasty attitude going on. Loved it!

Monday, March 13, 2017


Harry Potter Night at our library = these gems. Gotta love it! 

Happy Valentine's Day


If there is a camera, Pearl wants her picture taken. Then, she immediately wants to see the photo. Sheesh, I still remember when we would have to wait a week to get photos developed. 

Sequoia 2017

I have been neglected this blog recently. Too busy, too tired, and too lazy...I have all the excuses. Life has gotten crazy lately. That said, I am going to get motivated again. Hence, the first picture from our Sequoia 2017 Winter Trip is always J's favorite part...snow chains.  

Happy kiddos to be back in the snow. The weather was perfect, lots of snow on the ground and sun. 

A visit to General Grant is always a must if there is time.

Settlers of Catan is the new family game...I am just impressed that even Gus can play.

Ha! My least favorite part of our snow trips. There is so much gear to get on.


Gus' first time skiing. He loved it and made it an hour without complaint. 

Cousin time is the best time.