Saturday, October 22, 2016

Pumpkin Patch Chronicles



5th Graders at our school are basically the luckiest kids alive. There "field trip" is a week long stay on Catalina Island for CIMI (Catalina Island Marine Institute). Snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, labs, and eating are all on the agenda for the week. 

Vera has spent a week every summer at her grandparent's house since she was five, but this was different. No phone calls and very few updates due to limited Wifi even for the chaperones. I was a little teary saying good-bye to her at 5:30am in the morning on Monday of CIMI week.

First up, a bus ride to Long Beach. 

Next, a two hour boat ride from Long Beach to Catalina. 

BOOM! Paradise:

Vera's home away from home for the week!

Sunrise hike:

Simply gorgeous. Turns out that the kids had a harrowing kayak experience with choppy seas and kids freaking out.

High Ropes Course/Giant Swing:

Not kidding you, Vera putting a piece of a dissected squid on her tongue as part of a Harry Potter House Challenge. Ha! One of the teachers on the trip mentioned afterwards to me how impressed she was that Vera pushed herself to do everything even if she was scared. 

They say lots and lots of Garibaldi!

Needless to say, these mamas missed their kids.

So thankful for the opportunity that she was given to participate in this adventure. 

Family Bike Night

I love being on PTA and being VP of Programs. Under my umbrella as VP of Programs is a volunteer for all of our Walk and Bike to School Days. That volunteer happens to be Jason, HA!! Last year, before he received a promotion and new job position at work, he scheduled a Family Bike Night at our school in September with the super nice COAST Organization. However, this year because of new responsibilities and time constraints I took over and helped organize. Family Bike Night is sponsored by COAST (Coalition for Sustainable Transportation) and BICI Centro. Minor bumps in the road, but in general a successful night and all the kids had fun riding bikes around. 

Keller is a bike riding crazy man and rides at any given opportunity.

Older kids got to go on a street ride with volunteers and following all the safety rules.

This boy loves his bike!

Musical Master

A few weeks ago, third graders got to spend the morning trying out every musical instrument. Keller loved it! During each interval the students got to try every instrument of a particular family. Truth, I think it would be pretty cool if The Dude chose the trombone. 

Pearl Round-Up

It turns out that when you are home with mama by yourself you get a ton of photos solo (or as a pirate with a friend). 

Future Leader

It had been so long since I blogged that I didn't even mention that Vera made the Hope School Student Council. Student Council runs the monthly awards assemblies at our schools, fundraise through the year, and have an amazing time. She was beyond thrilled!

Cuteness Overload

This might be my favorite picture that I have ever taken of Pearl and Gus.

The Best

A seriously sweet friendship!

How High Can You Go

Sometimes it really is the little things in life.