Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hope School Carnival

The annual school carnival is one of this family's favorite activities. I think the kids enjoy the fact that it is the one time we don't gripe about them eating sweets...i.e. lots of cotton candy and cupcakes. I like the fact that the kids can pretty much run around free to do as they please. J and I each grabbed a little one to watch, but the big ones had freedom in where they wanted to spend their tickets and who they wanted to hang out with at the event. This accounts for the reason that there were 0 pictures taken of Keller.

We even managed to keep track of our little ones, that doesn't always happen with this family. One of them is always trying to make a run for it. 

Vera got to perform with her after school music class. 

Oh, and we ate more cotton candy! I think our family consumed 4 of these bad boys. Yikes! 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

39 Years

Our family headed to the Bay Area to celebrate to different occasions, a bridal shower for my friend and the 39th wedding anniversary of Nonni and Nonno. Nonni and Nonno treated everyone to Spaghetti Factory to celebrate. Manager's Special! It was a whirlwind trip with lots of good times, but maybe just a bit too much car time for our monkeys. Especially the littlest one, she just couldn't imagine why we would keep her in her carseat for so long.


39 years is amazing. 


Good times with Cousin L. He is the sweetest, snuggle bug. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Pearl: 18 Month Check-Up

The cast comes off tomorrow! The cast comes off tomorrow! I could shout it from the rooftops. It has only been a week and a half and I fully realize that some people keep their casts on for 6 weeks. How stinky they must be!! Seriously. Pearl's smells bad after this short amount of time and is filthy. She did soak it once when I was washing her other hand and she threw the cast under the water.

But the cast is not why I posted this photo, this one is all about Pearl's "skirt." We were out running errands and I saved the most important one for know, the one that I had to get done to feel like I had accomplished anything during the day. Pearl decides to poop through her pants. I am sitting there in the parking lot on a cold day knowing that I can't take a baby in wearing just a t-shirt and diaper. There were of course no other pants in the car.

I notice her pink sweatshirt and a skirt is born. Zipped up around her legs with the arms tied as a belt...boom! Errand run and Pearl looked stylish while doing it. 

18 Month Check-Up

  • Nursing - Although as I type this, it has been three days and I think the little girl is weaned. A bit sad for me knowing that she would keep going, but I know that I was done. 
  • Hanging with her siblings
  • Coloring - Only with markers, not crayons
  • Having her cast signed
  • Meat and Pasta
  • Going on the slide
  • Screeching like a pterodactyl
  • Veggies
  • Sleeping through the night - Again though, I feel like a change is coming now that I am not nursing. Last night was her first time sleeping through the night in months.
  • Being told no
  • If she points to something, she wants it now!
  • Height: 34.5in  = 100%
  • Weight: 24lb 12.8oz = 77%

Monday, May 4, 2015

J's New Toy

J got this shot at the recent SBCC Science Day on our new "light field" camera. Try clicking on different rocks in image above to shift focus. Also try click-dragging on any part for a slight perspective shift. Definitely gimmicky, but fun!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Pearl's Fracture

This little lady is getting some firsts in this family. She was the first one to have stitches and now the first one to have a broken arm (well, a fracture).  On Sunday night Pearl was up to her usual, climbing on things and causing a ruckus. She is a climber and I admit that I probably let her climb more than other moms might. So, she was sitting on her children's pretend kitchen while the other kiddos watched a show. She took a tumble and must have just landed wrong on her wrist. That said, a few minutes of crying, a little Tylenol. and we thought she was fine. 

It took a few days for us to realize that something was broken. It doesn't help that the munchkin was her cheerful self, sleeping better than she has in weeks, and able to play at the park. I am one guilty mama for not realizing sooner that there was a little bump on her wrist was a greenstick fracture. 

A quick trip to the doctor and a x-ray = a pretty pink cast for our little girl. I was amused that the cast has to go over the elbow, simply because otherwise she would pull the darn thing off. And she would. She has already tried to take if off several time.