Monday, December 9, 2019

Back to England and More Alnwick

New form of discipline at our house:

The big kids got to try archery.

What did the kids love the most...trying on the armour. Seriously, all of them, for approximately 1/2 an hour. We outlasted everyone else. Everytime they picked up a new piece they wanted a new picture. 

 The Harry Potter flying scene was filmed here!

November Germany Trip

J and I got to head together to Germany in November. Nonni and Nonno very kindly watched the kiddos. Lunches, schedules, and driving can wear a person down, but the grandparents did great and the kids were happy and healthy when we got back. They did better than I do most days.


So, so pretty! Is it Mount St. Helen's or some other mountain? I will probably never know. 

We (me) are looking a little tired. I think we left at 3:30 in the morning so I really do have an excuse.

Made it to Stuttgart, Germany!

While J had to work a few days, I explored Esslingen. It was a sweet little town where we stayed.

I pretty much climbed this every chance I could. 300 steps! I felt it.

Oh, and I ate lots and lots of pretzels. I went back to Stuttgart for a day of exploring on my own. Pretty darn proud that I caught the train by myself.

 Then, it was time for J to be off work and a little tourist time together. Neuschwanstein Castle, which we chose to skip seeing the inside and hike around the outside a bit.

Alm's Cathedral, tallest church spire in the world. J made it to the top! I made it 3/4 and then bowed out...that little tube to the top was just not happening for me.


Our last day was spent at the Ritter Modern Museum and the Ritter Chocolate Shop. Two very different experiences, both unique and cool in their own way.

On the flight home J realized he has been flying a heck of a lot lately and we qualified for the the fancy lounge with free food and drinks.