Monday, December 28, 2015

Working Hard

One of the best things about this holiday season, I had a little elf who was able to help me address Christmas Cards. Boom, parenting success. Fail, I needed to teach her how to write an address on an envelope. We may have had to throw a few (10+) out. ;)

Holiday Parade Photos

Ha! After posting the pictures of the girls donating the snowflakes, I realized that I never posted pictures from the parade itself. I took on costume design this year for the parade. As much of the work that I could I I farmed out to the girls, but to be totally honest I still ended up working til midnight gluing rhinestones onto snowflakes. Totally worth it!

Holiday Costumes

During the Santa Barbara Downtown Holiday Parade, Vera asked her Girl Scout Leader if we could donate the snowflakes that the girls wore to a retirement home. The donation changed a little bit as one of the moms in our group is a pediatric doctor. It was decided that they could be used to brighten up the pediatric ward at the hospital. It was a nice teaching moment for the girls as they presented them at the hospital, knowing that there were kids that were going to be in the hospital during the holidays. 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Shenanigans

You looking for a kiss under the mistletoe? Popcorn and Dinosaur will answer your call. 

This girl carries her own mistletoe around.

One of the only pictures I have of the kiddos on Christmas Eve at our friend's house. All very focused during a game of Christmas Minute to Win It!

Christmas Morning!!!!

Oh, my finger...

...wait, it is supposed to hurt.

Loving her jewelry, the hair is going to get a trim soon.

Thank you, Opa, for all of our Christmas gifts!!

Nix clearly is indignant that we made her wear a Santa hat. If she could talk I have a feeling not nice words would be coming out of her mouth.

This bad boy though was loving his scarf. He is like all the males in our family, extremely photogenic.

Gingerbread man decorating + the kids eating a ton of candy.

Christmas dinner with everyone matching to some degree and hair brushed.

Christmas crackers are fun for all ages.

Yay for Nonni and Nonno coming to visit!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Thanksgiving Break Adventures

The Dude was a happy camper fishing with our friend Stan. 

Break Your Leg Park (Not really the name of the park, but the slide is dangerous and steep.)

Cousin Love

Opa and Aunt Sue Love

Cow Love???? - Ha, the kids were thrilled that at Tilden Park you can bring celery to feed farm animals.

That lasted 10 minutes and then they found sticks.

Train ride with Opa, Aunt Sue, and J's college buddy. Good times.

Nonni and Nonno love!

J's loving and goofball family.

The San Francisco Zoo is one of my favorites. 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Owls in Wonderland

Laguna Blanca, a private school in Santa Barbara, puts on a community event called Owls in Wonderland. I.e. their mascot is an owl. It is three hours of fun. We dragged along a friend for Vera, braved the winter rain (that lasted all of 20 minutes), and headed to Wonderland. 

Everyone gets to go to the Mad Hatter and adorn a top hat.

Keller enjoyed the enormous chess set and managed to hold his own while playing.

Still, the winner of the day was the tea part. Sugary drinks emblazoned with, "Drink Me!" and chocolate cone bowls filled with popcorn. Yum.

I was in charge of Pearl and so got to watch as she crafted. Funnily enough, Kevin Costner milled his way around the fundraiser...gotta love Santa Barbara.