Friday, February 27, 2009


Vera and I had just finished reading two books, the second of which was The Little Mermaid where Prince Eric and Ariel marry at the end of the story.

Vera: Let's cuddle together because we love each other.

A couple of seconds later.

Vera: If we love each other, we can get married. Do you want to get married?

A conversation just waiting for another day.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Fun Pics!


A good big sister and a pile of toys.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Keller's Baptism

Keller's Baptism brought Nonni and Nonno down to SB for another visit. We love having them here. They are very good at completing some of the day to day tasks that Little J and I start to dread...feeding Keller and the mess that ensues, the nightly bedtime ritual of arguing whether or not Vera's light stays on or off, and even playing with dolls over and over. The kiddos love having a fresh audience for their antics and we love having a break from the routine. J and I got to go to TJ's by ourselves and pick out wine and other fun food items. It was so nice having time to peruse the selection and actually have time to think about what we would like to drink. When I shop with two kids it is all about grab and go.

But, back to the baptism. CC and Adam are Keller's godparents and so they along with a few family members were on hand for the event. Keller's little white faux tux was pretty darn cute on him and he put up with the bonnet (and the Amish jokes) fairly well. I did have to bribe the little guy with puff cereal during the an hour in length it pushed him to the limit on being held and not being alloweed to crawl and destroy at will.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Makes Us Laugh

Vera was again taking pictures of Keller with me yelling in the background, "Too close, you are too close, back up!" Keller just looks so darn happy in this picture with his chubby cheeks and teeth poking out of his mouth. Of course the look on his face might be due to being blinded by the camera's flash.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day in Recap

J and I have never been big holiday people. Sharing a birthday has made us a little jaded to buying gifts for each other. We decided a long time ago that we don't buy presents for each other. As I write that, I can just imagine people reading this and thinking that we sound Scrooge-like, but it really does work for us. Kiddos have changed holidays in more ways than one.

Now, baking and card crafts plus hanging out with friends have become our holiday norm and I am loving it. My posh friend Elena and I try to fit in at least one baking/decorating day before each holiday. Our girls...well, Vera decorates for at least three or four cookies, cupcakes, or whatever we happen to be doing and then becomes persistent about wanting a little taste. Sydney is hilarious. She really has no interest in decorating and every interest in eating as many of the sweet treats as possible while her mom tries to keep her from nibbling through all the goodies. For Valentine's Elena baked cupcakes and the girls frosted and sprinkled the morning away and the mini cakes were beautiful.

My next baking project was for a Valentine's party we were invited to. I just bought a heart shaped cookie/brownie pan and was so excited to be able to use it. Yes, I am a full time mom and a baking pan is pretty darn cool! Vera helped me decorate the cookies of course. At the party Vera got the yellow balloon that Keller is holding...I love the pic, the words look photoshopped but aren't.

Finally, I end with a picture of Vera and her buddy. These outfits were not planned. It is kind of hard to tell, but Vera has a heart on her shirt too. They must be connected in some way...kind of like when couple start wearing the same colors on accident.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I have been meaning to blog more about Keller and food for a bit now. Vera, Keller, and I were outside the Santa Barbara Library with friends one day when a woman approached our group about baby food. Turns out she was a writer for the Santa Barbara Newspress and was finishing up an article about moms who make their own food. Out of our group of four moms that were there, three of us have or were currently making homemade baby food. At the time I had barely started Keller on rice cereal, but knew that I would be starting solids soon. They needed a picture of a baby eating a homemade meal for the article and so I of course was excited to have Keller be in the article. They also wanted a picture of a mom cutting up vegetables and I was happy to oblige.

Nonni and Nonno happened to be in town when the article came out, which was very cool. It was very exciting when my sister and I were sitting at Starbuck's waiting for our coffee to see the newspaper displayed. Keller's picture was also on the front of the newspaper (small in the corner, but still! :). I walked up to get my coffee and this woman started talking to me. I had Keller in my arms and she was holding up the newspaper article. She said "Hi" and before she could say anything else I said, "Oh my god, that is me and my son." She then proceeded to ask me where the movie theaters are in SB. So embarrassing!

When the photographer came to take his picture it was over in 10 minutes. I barely touched the food to Keller's lips and because he it was still kind of new to him he wasn't so sure of it. Hence, the photo of a baby looking clean and barely eating. Of course, I have to include a photo of what he looks like as he eats now. He is a little crazy man when he eats. He always tries to grab the spoon. If he captures it he has a field day spreading food around his tray, the chair he is sitting on, and anything else he can get his hands on. If for some reason he can't get the spoon he sticks his fingers in he mouth after the food has gone in and then spreads is all over his face and if I am lucky...into his hair. Every meal is just an excuse for a bath.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Would you like fries with that?

It's McDonald and he wants his love child back.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Evolution of Keller

Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine's Tea Party

We started at Yellowbird about a year ago and it has become a favorite part of our routine. Yellowbird is where Vera takes her music class. Singing, playing instruments, puppets, and other explorative play with music is all part of the weekly routine. Alex, her amazing teacher, created a curriculum that is creative and engaging for both students and parents.

Vera and I first attended the parent participation class, but now at three she gets to be in the drop-off class. Along with attending the class by herself, at three she can participate in tea parties thrown by Alex. On February 7 she attended the Valentine's Tea Party where the kids decorated cupcakes, munched on yummy snacks, and had a fabulous time.

For the party Vera got all fancy in a dress that she received for her birthday (it is my new favorite dress, so darn cute on her). She was a bit nervous when I dropped her off, but when her friend Sydney arrived the fun began. We picked her up an hour and a half later and had to nudge her out the door, she could have stayed for another hour and still been having a great time.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Say Hello to my Little Friend

Drawing #1:
Drawing #2:

J and I want to have Vera take an art class. Recently, she has become obsessed with markers and crayons...basically anything she can use to draw. When she Skypes with her Nonni and Nonno she draws them pictures as she talks. The first piece of art posted is one that she did after J gave her some paper and a marker. Then, he asked her to draw him a little guy. Picture #2 is what she came up with.

Seriously, how cute is the little balloon man?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


While up in the city, we made an impromptu visit to Fourth Breakfast and her family. I hadn't seen her since her son was born and wanted to meet the new family member...totally adorable by the way. It worked out well for us too...her little man had just outgrown (aka - never got to wear) these adorable shoes with little skull and crossbones on them. They fit Keller perfectly and prompted what is now my new favorite Vera quote:

"When Keller wants to be a pirate he can wear these shoes."

Yep, that is my little pirate above, sporting skull kicks and teddy bear socks...Aaaargh indeed.