Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Bean Table

On one of our many Costco runs, J and I thought a water table would be an excellent idea for the kiddos to play with in the backyard. We shortly found out that not only is the table HUGE in our 8x12 patio area, but it quickly became filthy and not much fun to use as a water table.

Brainstorm, I can think of something fun to do with it in the house. I am shaking my head at my naivete. The first trial was rice. Do you want to know how much rice I have cleaned up in the last two months? My vacuum has threatened to disown me and I fear that I am going to find rice particles for the next ten years. I finally called it quits after having to vacuum their room every darn day. Out went the rice and in went the beans!

Beans! I am undecided. Yep, still a mess, although much easier to clean up by hand. The downside, you can't vacuum them (for some odd reason). They just won't be sucked up. I am thinking they are gone in a month. On the day I took the above picture, I did get a full hour of three kiddos playing quietly with the beans, that has to be worth something.

What next?

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The Fallons said...

We have that same table (I'm sure you have seen it in our junkyard..). You are right, it is a total mess with the sand. I've got to come up with something else besides beans because Thatcher will eat those. Let me know what you experiment with next ;)