Sunday, February 26, 2012


Ugh! How many days have passed since my last post? I had every intention of posting each day of the last week, but to be honest, things (I) have been a little bit funky. Our house is for sale, which means keeping it tidy and organized in case it is to be shown. As you can well imagine, that task is incredibly easy with three kiddos running around destroying anything and everything that I just tidied.

Then, there is the entire process of looking for a place to rent. We started off with a list of priorities, but after looking at a slew of houses, the list is evolving and changing even as I sit here. Do we make a school district the top priority or a yard for the kids. I will say this, I feel a freedom that I haven't felt in years. We can move anywhere. It is stressful and a roller coaster of an experience, but my fingers are still crossed that the perfect situation will arrive before we have to leave our current place.

So, the funk, I have high hopes that it will be over soon. August has been getting up 4-6 times a night and I had that feeling...will it ever end? Lo and behold, Gussers broke through two teeth today. Things are already starting to look up.

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The Fallons said...

Moving?! I know you are going to miss walking by and seeing our fancy blue taped door!