Thursday, July 5, 2012

San Diego With My Oldest

Vera and I took the train to San Diego last weekend for an overnight stay. Our main purpose was for me to race in the Outrigger Canoe Iron Champs Race, the added bonus of the trip was getting some mommy and daughter time. It was amazing.

One of my favorite trips was when my dad and I toured Washington DC after I graduated high school. We saw most of the monuments, took in an Oriole's game, and sweated buckets while walking around the city. It was nice to just be the two of us. I hope that Vera remembers this trip and that we get to go on many more girl's nights away in the future. 

The five hours on the train were long. Most of our time was spent reading, I was Vera's personal audio book and between the trip there and back, we finished Tuesdays at the Castle...gotta get her started on fantasy young.

Once in San Diego, we were picked up by Red and headed to her favorite coffee shop. No breastfeeding for me = caffeine in the afternoon. It was yummy!

San Diego has beautiful beaches and the weather was sunny and gorgeous.

The no breastfeeding thing also meant that I could eat cheese, glorious cheese. We ate at Enoteca Adriano = the best Italian I have had in a long time. That thing in the picture is a burrata and it was so good...fresh mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes, candied walnuts, pesto, and artichoke hearts combined to be awesome. It was delicious and the company was delightful. Vera hung tight considering we left the restaurant at 8pm, pretty darn late for her. 

Race morning! I am working on getting photos of the actual race as a member of SBOCC was able to snap photos from a bridge (random!). The most important detail is that our team placed 1st in our division (novice women racing a Bradley).

Time to go home! This picture doesn't represent the fact that we thought we were going to miss the train, which equaled odd running with baggage + Vera crying. It also doesn't mention the fact that the train didn't leave at 4, but 4:40, so we had plenty of time to waste. Once on the train, I had a tired girl on my hands and 5 hours to kill, hence the fact that we finished a rather long chapter book.

Great times!

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