Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Captain Underpants

Chapter books are the "it" thing at our house. Vera is reading them by herself (her favorites at the moment are The Magic Tree House Series and The Rainbow Fairies). I am trying to steer her to books that I loved as a child, The Happy Hollisters and Bunnicula. Keller loves having them read to him as well. For some reason, both kids also love to have books read to them from the kindle...must be the novelty of it. The #1 choice of the moment is The Adventure of Captain Underpants Series.

Main character running around in his underwear = check! Potty humor = double check! I  have to admit, the books are hilarious. Keller, particulary, gets pure joy out of them. He chuckles throughout as each story unfolds. He also loves the flip-o-rama! You have to try it to love it!!

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Krista said...

It's so awesome that your kids love to read.