Sunday, October 14, 2012

San Jose Taiko Drummers

We bit the bullet this year and bought the entire UCSB Family Fun Series, which is basically six shows (a huge variety of happenings) that we will now get to go to throughout this year. We always park at Goleta Beach and walk up to the show, which equals free parking and a bit more family time.

Before the show is face painting and tons of balloons. The face painters outdid themselves this time around. 

Keller's skull is amazing and is probably one of my favorites that he has had done. Awesome!

Then, there is this piece of artwork. Holy toledo! First off, we get there early and so the kids basically walk up to the face painters and they are the line. Vera's artist proceeds to work on her face for 30 minutes as the line to get your face painted got longer and longer. The result is amazing. 

My attempt to get in front of the camera more. :)

Vera with one of the Taiko Drummers. She really enjoyed the show. Keller was great and then almost lost it the last 5 minutes. In his defense, the show was a bit longer than the advertised hour. It was great for the first 45 minutes, but the last 15ish I was looking at my watch as my little boy started to melt. Gus made it the first 30 absorbed in watching, then he started to be more interested in climbing up and down from the seat. He ended the show outside with J. 

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