Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happenings - Part 99

August's first experience with paint. Loved it! He would throw a tantrum each and every time we took the paint brush from him to get more paint.

Kiddos loved hammering at the coconut and then getting rewarded for their efforts. 

The sweetest smile!

Wait, two more sweet smiles. :)

Monkey bar/rings proficient = check! 

Up and down, up and down on a bouncy bridge...Gus is already a daredevil. 

Vera completed her first hand sewing project. 

My little girl has discovered a love for posing, so much that it has become a problem to get a natural look out of her. 

100 Day Crown for school = 100 hundred feathers!

Basketball season is here and our girl is representing in true Mazzetta Style, a very tall style.

The amazing merry-go-round at Dinosaur Park.

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