Thursday, August 1, 2013

Camping in Big Sur

J took the big kids camping on the weekend with a friend and his two boys. One night, lots of work. ;) Joy of all joys, we got to use our 5-year-old tent for the first time. Whoo-hoo! Almost immediately V tried to call "Mine!" on a room. Uhmmm...there are two rooms, someone had to share. 

Vera and I have very similar ideas about camping. It should be reading 24-7. 

Keller is a monkey. 

They found a dead fish, so sad I missed that one. 

One of my favorite pictures of the whole trip. 

J's funky plant. The leaves were blowing up. 

Second only to s'mores was the Jiffy Pop Popcorn. 

She is totally my child!

This one I do mind missing out on!

They took a night hike with brave children. 

And, time to view the elephant seals. V, of course, a bit damaged from seeing them fight each other. 

Good times were had by all, most of the time. ;)

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