Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Gym

Sis was gifted 4 weeks free at My Gym and instead of using all of them, she passed two to us so that the cousins could play together. Excuse the grainy photos, but Gus had ups and downs with his My Gym experience. The first week I could barely get him to sit in circle time. The second time he sat and participated...well, for the most part. ;) I think the free time was still his favorite time. Oh, and the big event of the day, during this trip it was a ride on the choo-choo train.

The funniest part, if one cousin revolted from an activity or event, the other tried to immediately follow. For instance, Cousin S would leave circle time, Gus would shortly copy what she did. We gave our instructor a run for his money. He earned his paycheck the day that our kiddos visited. 

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Kacie said...

We loved My Gym! I wish we had one up here!