Monday, November 25, 2013

Thank You!

Nonni and Nonno get a huge thank you from our crew. First, they have made it to all four of our kiddos' births. Each time, other than Vera's of course, they have watched kids while J and I were in the hospital. As you can imagine it has gotten harder with each new family member we have added. This time, they out did themselves by driving down on Halloween night, leaving their house at 4 to arrive at our place after 10. This allowed J to both trick-or-treat with our older kids and then make it to Pearl's birth.

Nonni gets an extra hug and thank you this time around. Nonno left her with us for a week and we would not have survived without her. She held Pearl at 5am when both J and I needed just a bit more sleep, drove big kids to school, played with Gus, treated J and I to lunch, and listened to me whine. Thank you Nonni for being here when we needed help and doing all of the above and more while you stayed with us.

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Krista said...

So great to have extended family like that! You guys are going to have a blast with everyone at Christmas. Though I'm surprised they haven't just given in and bought a two bedroom condo to use when in town!