Sunday, January 12, 2014

Vera's 8th Birthday - Horse Riding

How do I have an 8-year-old? It just seems a little crazy that my first baby is so tall, mature, and capable. After horse camp during the summer, V has been desperate to take riding lessons. We haven't started those yet, but an hour and a half horse ride on her birthday seemed like a nice beginning and was her big present.

Vera has declared this her favorite picture of her and and her dad. 

They had real cowboys at the Circle Bar B. ;) 

V kept turning around to state how happy she was with the ride. She would estimate how long we had ridden and then make the statement, "We've been riding for 20 minutes, which means that we still have an hour and 10 minutes. I am really enjoying myself."

It was magical...seriously, this part of the ride felt like we were in a fairy tale and Prince Charming was going to bust out of the bushes and serenade us.

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