Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Gus' World

Gussy Gus, of all the children, his world has been the most rocked by Pearl. My lap is not as readily available and his mama spends too much time nursing that baby. Two weeks ago, Gus injured his ankle in a bounce house. I am sure it hurt and he was truly injured, but holy hell, the little monkey milked it for all its worth. He refused to walk or stand up on his ankle for an entire week. I (and sometimes J) had to carry him everywhere. The stroller was brought back out for daily use on errands. My friend, a physical therapist, spent half an hour with him giving a full check-up and gave the verdict, "He just needs attention." I need to try a bit harder to make sure that they are all getting the time that they need from J and I. 

On a side note, right before he injured his ankle we potty trained. Yep, I spent that entire week shuttling him back and forth to the bathroom. He had attention from me in spades. Of the kiddos so far, extremely easy to potty train him. One week and he is diaper free, even at night. Knock on wood that I didn't just curse myself with a regression. 

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