Monday, September 22, 2014

Clearing My Phone

PJ is practicing her spoon skills on potato soup.  She loved it. Meanwhile, my third child had a half hour fit as I tried to make him eat his portion. Good times!

 I know that my time is limited where she will fall asleep on me.

This kid!

  Pearl always has fun at TaTa's house.

 Gus is taking an art glass with his cousin and friends. All went well, which is HUGE...listening and paying attention are still a struggle with this dude. He has developed a new quirk and wants to keep his hands clean at all times. I think we went through 50 wipes during the 1-hour class.


 Vera lucked out this year. It is the first year where teams are assigned randomly, not by school and she has an amazing soccer coach, assistant coach, and team. 

 Keller's team is a school team and a sweeter group of boys you will not meet. Keller is playing the slapping hands game with Omar (Vera's coach from last year and one of Gus' favorite people). 

  Taken on our 12 year anniversary!


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