Monday, December 1, 2014

Bay Area Model

The Bay Model is a working hydraulic model that is used to judge the effects of water flow in and out of the Bay. I mean a huge model, the size of two football fields put together. Today, all of this is completed with computers. 

Uhmm...Gus was perplexed by the phone. He has never seen one with a cord. 

We were glad to have Opa along as our tour guide. I guess that he took me here as a kiddo (I have no recollection, whoops).

Of interest to all of us was a mini-WWII museum. The museum pertained to the City of Marin's efforts as a shipbuilding hub during the war. 

Opa and I were amazed at these detailed artwork that was painted on to the front of the ships for when they were christened with their names. Then, those paintings were covered with grey paint for battle. 

This is an awesome picture!

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