Saturday, November 21, 2015

Owls in Wonderland

Laguna Blanca, a private school in Santa Barbara, puts on a community event called Owls in Wonderland. I.e. their mascot is an owl. It is three hours of fun. We dragged along a friend for Vera, braved the winter rain (that lasted all of 20 minutes), and headed to Wonderland. 

Everyone gets to go to the Mad Hatter and adorn a top hat.

Keller enjoyed the enormous chess set and managed to hold his own while playing.

Still, the winner of the day was the tea part. Sugary drinks emblazoned with, "Drink Me!" and chocolate cone bowls filled with popcorn. Yum.

I was in charge of Pearl and so got to watch as she crafted. Funnily enough, Kevin Costner milled his way around the fundraiser...gotta love Santa Barbara.

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