Saturday, January 17, 2015

The 26th - Christmas Part II

Thanks Nonni and Nonno for making our second Christmas special!

Pearl helping to open presents. 

One of those times that I didn't give my kids enough credit. Keller wrapped up a present for Nonno and I saw a bunch of papers. Nonno opens it and Keller goes into a whole story of a fish being chased by a monster. The fish has to get under the bridge. It is very cool. 

He is in the perfect stage for Christmas Pure joy! His big present from Nonni and Nonno didn't make it in time for Christmas and yet he was super excited about the fact that he would get his present soon. 

Get ready, this girl will be playing softball in the spring. Thanks A Family for the new baseball/softball gloves.

He might have been just a little excited about his present, Pokemon Cards. The photo is fuzzy, but his delight is clear!

 Keller enjoyed stacking up his Pokemon stash. 

A whole track to play on and instead Gus is flying his car around.

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