Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Little Grass Valley Resevoir

Walk up and see a snake. Can you find it? I hesitated for a moment before getting in the water after seeing the little guy.

Good dad, because with three of our four "fishing" he was constantly untangling lines, putting bait on the hook, and moving from one kid to another to help. I sat around and kept on Gus so that he wouldn't hook his brother or sisters.

No doubt. Keller loves fishing.

Oh the dilemma. She wanted to catch a fish, she didn't want to catch a fish, she didn't want to hurt the fish...what to do.

What?!? Did someone say fishing?

Sisters. Pearly couldn't decide whether she liked the water or not.

One day, the Pearly-Girl will be able to join in on the family swim.

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