Thursday, August 13, 2015

Gus is 4!

4 is going to hold good things for our boy!!

One thing the boy wanted, a pinata!

Thank you Opa for the super cool water balloons. Coolest thing ever. A "device" attaches to the a hose and hanging off of the device are 25+ water balloons that fill, get tied off with little rubber bands, and then fall off of the device. It is ingenious! Thank you to Kate for great advice to fill the balloons in a bucket full of water, when they pop off the device they float along nicely.

Family of 6!

It takes a lot of air to blow out 4 candles.

Earlier in the day, Aunt Stephanie, Gus was uber excited about all of his money. He hasn't spent it yet, but like a true banker in the making, stacks it over and over. 

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