Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Boy Scout Camp - July 2015

It is that moment that I realize I didn't post pictures from one of our big family vacations this summer. We went to Boy Scout Family Camp!

An interesting side note, it almost didn't happen. The weekend before camp started, right when I realized that the Boy Scout Office was closed and there was no one to talk to in person, I figured out that our friends who were also attending had received a welcome letter and instruction packet in the mail. Why didn't we get one? Odd. We showed up and were able to register the day the camp started. Fast forward to September and I have a lovely message from the Ventura Police on my phone. It turns out that our registration papers were stolen from the mail (which included our children's names and ages + our credit card information). The Ventura Police arrested a man and our documents were found in his possession. Awesome. Thankful that there don't seem to be any large complications from this incident other than a missed camp registration. I am also knocking on wood right now. 

Back to the camp photos! Lots of fun swimming, crafting, and indulging in nature. 

Vera learned how to whittle using a piece of soap as a practice run.


Archery was one of my favorite activities.

Rain Gutter Regatta!

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