Saturday, October 22, 2016

Family Bike Night

I love being on PTA and being VP of Programs. Under my umbrella as VP of Programs is a volunteer for all of our Walk and Bike to School Days. That volunteer happens to be Jason, HA!! Last year, before he received a promotion and new job position at work, he scheduled a Family Bike Night at our school in September with the super nice COAST Organization. However, this year because of new responsibilities and time constraints I took over and helped organize. Family Bike Night is sponsored by COAST (Coalition for Sustainable Transportation) and BICI Centro. Minor bumps in the road, but in general a successful night and all the kids had fun riding bikes around. 

Keller is a bike riding crazy man and rides at any given opportunity.

Older kids got to go on a street ride with volunteers and following all the safety rules.

This boy loves his bike!

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