Friday, November 4, 2016

Fall Carnival

At the start of the year our school decided to switch from a spring carnival to one in the fall. What they needed was a group of parents who were willing to plan the whole ding-dang thing. My friend stepped up and I followed suite as her helper...and that started 6 weeks of grueling work. Thankfully, Rain worked as an event planner in "real life." 

It turns out that planning a carnival, especially one at night and with a haunted house, is a lot of work with many, many minute details. In the end, people loved it and it raised over $4000...everyone wins. 

Our new favorite fall edition was a fortune teller!

The 6th grade families get HUGE props for coming in costumes to run the jail.

My only other complaint is that planning and running the carnival ran me ragged. It is a week after the event and I am still fighting a cold that started the night before the carnival. Yikes!

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