Saturday, December 7, 2019

Christmas has Started!

All of my England posts from summer are going to be interrupted with current happenings. I really need to catch up on the blog. 

It turns out that Elves are a big thing both in our neighborhood and Pearl's school. Yep, kinder loves the magic. That said, when Pearl asked if we had an elf I quickly replied yes...remembering the one that Tata had passed down to us a few years back. The one that no matter how hard I looked, I couldn't find the little girl elf. Sprinkles, because it turned out Pearl had already named our elf, had still not made an appearance. Fast forward a few days and now Freddie is happily chilling in our tree. It is a long story how we got from Sprinkles to Freddie, but Pearl is super stoked and all is merry during our Christmas season.

The other Elfing we received was a super fun package left on our doorstep filled with Christmas goodies. This one, because it included lots of candies, all of the kiddos were pretty excited about. 

Just a picture of our Christmas tree, notice that little branch on the bottom...I was having a heck of the time with the lights while J was gone on a work tree. The lights have since been shifted so there isn't one little unlit branch at the bottom.

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