Saturday, July 4, 2020

Cabin Trip - Day 1

House Von Klaus for the win. Our first trip of the summer and it only took 1 night to realize the most important thing to bring to the cabin. It turns out that my entire family will be covered in mosquito bites within a very short amount of time. I tried natural bug spray and it did nothing. Sheesh. 

New since our last visit, a go-kart that the kids could drive themselves. 

Go-karting + a lake visit = a very full day. Sly Reservoir was gorgeous and J managed to find a very secluded spot for our family to explore. I'll admit I had some serious nerves about how far we all paddled to a rope swing across the reservoir and a whole lot of nerves about the rope swing. I am not the most easy going.

Kiddos had a good time. 

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