Friday, November 13, 2020

Halloween 2020

 The decorations around the neighborhood were particularly good this year. 

Pearl and I saw a Halloween contest posted on Instagram, created the Starfish Queen from Sleeping Queens, and she won!

Looking for new inspiration for our skeletons for next year. 

Vera's volleyball gym got in the mood. Plus, we are all about unicorns.

Mom and daughter matching costumes...because really, how many more chances will I get. 

Onesies for the win this year. Vera was all about the giraffe. 

Forgoing most of the normal trick-or-treating, Pearl and I got to party at a friend's house for Halloween. 

I painted Keller's costume last minute. Pretty good if I do say so myself!!!

We managed a little bit of safe trick-or-treating on the way home. 

Gus went with J and a buddy to see what candy they could collect. They scored so many full size bars. 

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