Monday, August 1, 2022

Our first full day in Barcelona! Pictures from the hotel:

Casa Batillo:

This cool bookstore that we found! For the life of me I can't remember the name, but it was air conditioned, great art, and a really good bathroom. Basically, my idea of heaven. 

If I was a bit more awesome I would recreate this in my house. 

Honestly, just a great scenery shot, we walked the city all day. 

Arc de Barcelona:

The opera house where we managed to not tour, but still buy stuff at the gift store. 

Snack break. This was Vera's, and in all truth, I am still not sure I can get behind a smoothie bowl. 

Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. Also, 5 minutes before it started to rain. 

Okay, we both felt like this was a true Barcelona experience. It is dinner and called pintxos. You basically go through the buffet and pinch the sandwiches that you want to eat by grabbing the toothpick. We are uncultured and the flavors were a bit strong for the two of us. 

That green one is peppers, green onions, and a sardine. Why did I pinch it??? I have no idea, but I ate that bad boy marking it as the first sardine that I have ever eaten. 

Just walking home late at night:


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