Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We have spent the last couple of weeks watching Painted Lady Butterflies move through their life cycle. The back story...on a lark, I bought an Insect Lore kit at Costco around Christmas time. It included a mesh butterfly habitat and a coupon for 10 caterpillars or larvae if you will.

Everything worked well, we mailed away for our larvae, they arrived, cocooned themselves, and turned into beautiful butterflies. We then had the joy of releasing them into the wild. However, my big plan was to document the whole thing, taking amazing photos of the kids with the butterflies. That was before I realized that I had brought the camera without the memory card in it. Seriously? AND, the butterflies were staying on the kids' hands, chilling, and hanging out. Thankfully, one of the PEP mamas had an iphone and so at least I have something. It was some bad planning on my part.

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