Monday, December 13, 2010

Ta-Ta's Baby Shower

Ta-Ta is having a baby and it was baby shower time this weekend. Can you guess if she is having a girl or a boy?

Being the best little sister in the entire world, I had the honor of planning her shower. The benefit for me is that I get to rub the belly at least once a week (kind of like a good luck Buddha).

I admit, I LOVE making diaper cakes!

Aunt Steph made the trip special to see Ta-Ta and attend the shower. Yep, the sis is glowing!

My kiddos were thrilled that they got some Aunt Steph time this weekend. Keller especially loved the fact that she brought a HUGE dump truck for him. The boy is into construction trucks at the moment.

Making onesies is always a crap shoot at baby showers...some turn out good and some turn out just a little different. I had the great idea to provide stencils and spray paint to decorate the itty-bitty onesies. It would have worked fantastic if the spray paint was a little more controlled and the stencils were a bit bigger. Instead, the spray paint went where it wanted. Just ask CC, who got a spattering of green paint from Vera's design. Notice how everyone moved away from the little kiddo as she painted.

This is when the geek humor started.

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fourthbreakfast said...

I loved those pinwheels you made. You were a great hostess