Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tangled and Ice Cream

Vera's good friend Little K turned 5 yesterday and a trip to see Tangled was on the schedule. Both girls were super excited upon entering the theater, getting to put on their super cool 3D glasses, and then the movie started. What is up with Disney? In every movie there is a scary part or multiple scary parts. Little K cuddled her kangaroo and spent the entire time in her mom's lap. Vera, about halfway through, kept asking when it was going to be over.

Here is the thing...I loved it! It was well done and Flynn Rider is dreamy. ; ) Vera might be ready in a few years. For now, we will just stick with educational tv. Word Girl anyone?

The Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream after the movie was a hit!

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Krista said...

I'm with Vera! Which means I pretty much have the movie watching capacity of a five year old. But when we watched "How to Train Your Dragon" I turned away during the sad/scary parts. Just not emotionally able to handle that right now.