Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Christmas Collection

There is no order or rhyme or reason to this collection. It is basically the last 2 weeks in our lives all jumbled together and encompasses all of our Christmas activities.

This is the closest that Keller got to Santa this year, the fact that he is picking his nose didn't dissuade me from posting it.

Our friends' new puppy, Buttercup (if I could have thought of a witty Princess Bride reference it would have gone here).

Cookie Party 2010!

Christmas Eve cinnamon rolls...yummy!

Opa did a good job.

Christmas Eve dinner at Mrs. E's house.

Santa gave the kiddos costumes this year, for the bat obssessed child we of course got Batman. This has been the only time I have gotten him to wear the costume.

Our very own Minnie Mouse:

Who knew that balloons + 2 pumps would = fabulous Christmas gift.

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Krista said...

Are you wearing a terrible grandma Christmas sweater at the cookie party?!