Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Special Day

We waffled back and forth this year about what to do for Vera's 5th birthday, big party, special day with a friend, or a day with mom and dad. Finally, we let the decision be made by the birthday girl herself. She chose...and I was a little surprised...a day with mom and dad all to herself. Cue a big sigh of relief from me that I no longer had to plan a party for our nearest and dearest (though it would have been fun) and instead could concentrate on finding a babysitter for The Dude.

Her day arrived and other than a mild tummy ache, we were ready to go. After dropping Keller off for a very long play date, a huge thank you to Mrs. E, we headed to Zodo's Bowling and Beyond. Wow, Zodo's is one high tech, fancy-schmancy bowling alley with a price to match. J and I kept having conversations that started with, "Remember when you could bowl for an hour for a $1.50..."

However, the price was worth it to see her wearing the cute little shoes.

Vera started off with the good old between the legs push...

...but, soon graduated to a more mature bowling style. My favorite part of the day, watching her take twenty baby steps to the line and then hurling the ball towards the pins. She then would rush back to us to watch the ball hit. The bumpers were to her definite advantage and at the end of the game she was the winner with 4 spares.

After bowling it was time for lunch and Thai food was on the menu...yummy!

Our next stop, The Ty Warner Sea Center.

Whew! At this point I was started to lose steam, luckily, I could just sit and watch the show. Can you guess which sea animal Vera is imitating?

The final agenda item for the day was a trip to Yogurtland. Uhmm...Yogurtland is delicious. In fact, even writing this I am craving some of their Red Velvet Cake Batter Yogurt.

All in all, good day for a girl turning 5!

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