Monday, February 28, 2011

Hot Sauce Competition

As I ran out the door to tutoring tonight, I had just a moment to holler at J that the kids still needed dinner. I wasn't totally evil and mentioned that the kids hadn't had eggs yet today and so egg burritos would be a quick and easy food to serve. Plus, they usually get eaten by both kiddos.

Again, nights like tonight are where I realize the true differences between J and me. Keller after one bite of dinner decides that he is done. At that point, I probably would have cajoled and bribed the kid into at least a few more bites. J, takes out every hot sauce in the fridge and starts a hot sauce competition. We like to burn our kids' taste buds to oblivion at our house.

Nope, they didn't make if through every sauce, but J proudly states that Vera tried the hottest one. 10 years from now, she is going to be eating habanero peppers like candy.


J said...

A keen observer will notice that the sauces are indeed arranged from mild to hot... based on competition findings :)

Kacie said...

Just one of the reasons I heart the Mazzetta Family!

Krista said...

Buncha crazies! Remind me not to leave Samantha with your husband at meal time.